APPROVED by Governor May2,2003                                  
EFFECTIVE July 1, 2003

H.B. 03-1253 Motor vehicle insurance - repair businesses. Prohibits a motor vehicle insurer from:
          ●         Requiring that appraisals or repairs to motor vehicles be made or not be made by a   
specified motor vehicle repair business (business);
          ●         Representing to a claimant that the use of or the failure to use a particular business may result in
nonpayment or delayed payment;
          ●         Coercing or inducing by incentive a claimant to use a particular business for repairs;
          ●         Contracting with an agent for the insurer on the condition a business does claims work at a price
established by the insurer;
          ●         Using disincentives to discourage a claimant from using a business;
          ●         Soliciting a referral fee in exchange for referring the claimant to a business;
          ●         Requiring the claimant to travel an unreasonable distance to choose a business;
          ●         Misinforming a claimant to induce the use of a particular business; or
          ●         In the settlement of a claim by a third party against a claimant, requiring a third-party claimant to
have repairs done by a particular business.

          Requires a motor vehicle insurer to:
          ●         Supply the claimant with a copy of the estimate upon which a settlement is based;
          ●         Require that any estimate prepared by or for the insurer covering visible damages is adequate to
restore the motor vehicle within a reasonable time to its condition before the loss;
          ●         Pay for repair services and products based on the prevailing competitive price;
          ●         Disclose to a claimant that the claimant may freely choose any business;
          ●         Assume all reasonable costs sufficient to pay for the claimant's repairs, less any deductible;
          ●         Provide notice to the claimant within 3 business days after the claim is made of the prohibitions
and requirements of the act;
          ●         Promptly pay the cost of motor vehicle repair, less the deductible according to the terms of the
insurance policy at no less than the prevailing competitive market price; and
          ●         Disclose any ownership interest in, or ownership by or through an affiliation with, a recommended

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